Unable to focus and extremely impulsive

I mentioned in the last post, that the boys slept all through the night.  What I didn’t mention was how difficult it was for Emmett to actually wake up and get moving.  He’d probably still be sleeping if I’d have let him. 

Once I managed to get him awake, it was almost impossible to keep him on task..

I had to stay on him in order to keep him moving towards getting ready for .  I would describe his as unable to focus and extremely impulsive.  On a good day, that’s a difficult combination to manage. 

That being said, we did manage and the boys got off to school without a single meltdown. Color me impressed… 

It certainly wasn’t easy but at the same time, it could have been much worse.  For all the redirection I had to do this morning, Emmett never got upset and that’s about as unusual as him sleeping through the entire night……but I’ll take it…  ☺


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One thought on “Unable to focus and extremely impulsive

  1. Hey Rob – I hope this is taken in the spirit in which it’s intended. You write a lot about how difficult the mornings are for you, and I get it. I really do. But other than redirecting, what do you do about it? For example, is Emmett a visual learner? Are reminder charts with a list or of the morning chores or activities (brush teeth, put on shoes, etc.) helpful? How about incentivizing things with a specific reward if every task is completed? Or a directly related consequence for not completing a task? Have you tried any other motivating type tool? Have any strategies of this sort been consistently implemented?

    While it’s difficult to be the parent of a child that has difficulties focusing, it’s also really tough to be the child. It must be pretty awful to be told to complete a simple task, have every intention of doing it, but losing focus along the way (through no fault of your own), and then get snapped out of it with the parental redirection…repeatedly. It’s totally understandable that the overwhelming frustration that could be felt in such a situation (“why can’t I do this simple thing?!?”) would lead to a meltdown.

    I don’t know what you’ve tried or what has succeeded or failed, but it might be helpful to explain to readers not just how difficult your mornings are, but also what specific attempts you have made to try to make the mornings go more smoothly. Even if that explanation is “I know all about [insert strategy here], but that’s a lot of work and difficult to apply consistently faced with the realities of how difficult every day living is” or “I’ve tried X, Y, and Z, and they’ve had limited or no success, or the time and effort wasn’t worth the minimal return” – I think it would be important for your readers to hear that.

    Look, sometimes the entire point can simply be to let others know that they’re not the only ones going through this, and the importance of that can’t be understated. But I think that a little discussion as to how hard it is to implement consistent strategies over time (which may or may not work), all while trying to get everyone ready and where they’re supposed to be, is important too.

    All that being said, glad you had a successful morning! Hope the rest of your day goes well too.

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