Emmett’s had a rough weekend

Poor Emmett John has had a really rough weekend. On Sunday alone he fell twice on the steps.  The last time he face planted right onto the stair tread and split his lip open. 

After Emmett fell asleep last night,  Lizze and I realized that the cut on the outside of his lower lip lines up with the cut on the inside of his lower lip and are suspecting that he actually bit clean through. 

Because Emmett was so upset and the bleeding wasn’t too bad, we cleaned it and put a bandaid on. 

In the morning I’m gonna check it out again and see if it’s doing okay. If we are still concerned, we’ll visit his doctor and have it checked out. 

Honestly though, I’m pretty comfortable that he’s just fine. 

Not only did he bust his lip open but the poor guy scraped his knee at the playground to.  He’s totally freaks out at the sight of blood and has been sufficiently traumatized…

Hopefully, today will be a better day. 




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