Do you hate Mondays as much as I do?

Do you hate Mondays as much as I do?

Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. That someone is Elliott and it’s only made worse by Emmett constantly pushing his buttons.  

I’ve been trying to work with Elliott on not reacting to Emmett but he’s to emotionally volatile to not react right now. 

I’m really getting concerned that Elliott is getting into a worse and worse place as time goes on.  He’s like an emotional sponge and seems to absorb all the emotion around him, both good and bad.  The other concern is that the anti-anxiety medication isn’t working, so we’re going to check into how we safely discontinue using it. 

We don’t want him on meds if they aren’t going to work.

I hate Mondays, I really truly do.  I don’t know why they always seem to go so badly but my relationship with Mondays has always been a torrid affair. 


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