What are your kids into? -

What are your kids into?

Pictured is the army of Squinkies that Elliott has collected so far, well minus one. 🙂

What are your kids into right now? 

Elliott and Emmett are really into collecting small objects.  Of course, with Emmett’s recent proclivities towards putting things where they don’t belong, we might have to reconsider this. 

They are huge into Ben 10, video games (which we no longer have) and these little rubber Squinkies.


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Which one of those is the…ummm… culprit?


CharlieOz lol… I sent that one packing yesterday.  🙂


Atleast with Video games, Emmett will have no want to repeat his recent actions with Video Game. With those small things if they want to keep them go to a thrift store and or something and find a display case that you and liz can lock up the container.


AMDuser that’s not a bad idea.  🙂   I’ve also been meaning to ask you about you screen name.  Are you AMDuser as apposed to INTELuser?


lostandtired AMDuser no lol I am mainly a AMD person I always had an AMD rig and I manage to get windows and games preforming better on an AMD rig then an Intel rig. I needed something that would full throttle and back during that time Intels as they got hot they would slow themselfs down as they get hotter. I go have stuff that are intels like laptops, Also I have the OLD Xbox the one that ran an x86 p3 or celeron. But mostly in my Main gaming rigs I have always ran AMD cpus.
Also when I get broadband back up were I am right now I am on 3G web through my phone with a WiFi teather I have a picture that you and gavin would get a kick out of. It mixes computers and Legos.

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