Wraparound was productive today -

Wraparound was productive today

Today has been very difficult for me personally.  After a night filled with nightmares, I had a wraparound meeting, bright and early at 8am.

Today’s meeting seemed to be very productive. 

Basically, we just played catchup with all of the new information we received this week.  This was really difficult for me emotionally and I started to breakdown at the end. 

During the process of explaining all that happened this week, it really hit me pretty hard. 

There’s something about explaining to others what’s going on that makes it so much more real.  In my case, I’m experiencing a great bit of anxiety and the amount of pressure and stress that I’m feeling is beyond my ability to articulate. 

I see my wife, my best friend, going through something that she shouldn’t have to be dealing with for at least another 2 decades. 

What a lot of people don’t realize and what I’m only now beginning to understand, is that menopause is not only an enormous challenge physically but also emotionally. There is so much about what Lizze is going through that as a guy, I simply don’t understand and probably never will. 

I can’t imagine what it’s like for Lizze right now. 

She’s devastated and honestly, who can blame her.  Right now, all of her friends from high school are just beginning to build their families and her body is living 2 decades in the future, if that makes sense. 

I’m just tired, overwhelmed, frustrated and just about everything else you can think of right now. 

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