The Daddy Do List -

The Daddy Do List

I had to run out to the store today to pick up a fee odds and ends.  Since Gavin’s home, we need a few things that we weren’t stocking up on while he was gone. 

Elliott wanted to help and so he made me a Daddy Do List.

He didn’t know how to spell all the words so he drew pictures to represent the items that he wanted me to get. 

This was really cute and I wanted to share…  🙂


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Grandma Go

Elliott, the next time I need to make a grocery list, can I call on you to help me with it? Your list put a big smile on my face!!!!


He’s such a great artist! 🙂


So cute.  Have you run into a Rosemary Wells book called “Bunny Cakes”?  Exactly on topic!   It might be perfect for Emmett…  Any children’s library would have it…

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