Good morning @AkronChildrens :-)

In a few minutes, assuming I can actually get my kids to cooperate, we will begin the scramble to get Elliott to school and Gavin to his IVIG infusion. 

I say scramble because we almost have to be in two places at the same time. 

We have a very narrow window between the time we drop Elliott off and Gavin needs to be at the hospital.  Hopefully, I can get everyone moving so we can get to where we need to be with my sanity intact. 


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Lost and Tired

Thank you

If anyone can do it, you guys can


I thought of Gavin yesterday afternoon. I was listening on the radio and they did some commercial/PSA urging people to donate blood. The lady was like, “My name is So-and-so and I like basketball, etc., and I’m about to start college. I’m worried about passing my classes and getting along with my new classmates, but I’m worried about something else too: I have primary immunodeficiency and I rely on blood donors like you to survive. Please donate blood today to help out people like me.” Isn’t that Gavin’s diagnosis?
The one time I tried to donate blood I got rejected. Not enough iron. (I’m not anemic, mind. It’s just that they want blood donors to have a higher-than-average iron level, and my iron level is just average.) I might try again; I’ve taken a multivitamin daily for the past two and a half years and it has iron in it. My dad, who volunteers at a hospital on a regular basis, has tried to donate multiple times but three times in a row he passed out midway through and he decided he’d better quit. My boyfriend won’t do it because he’s terrified of needles. (He also refuses to be an organ donor because he subscribes to that stupid myth that if you’re badly injured, hospital workers will just let you die rather than try to save you, in order to get your organs. No matter how hard I try I cannot convince him otherwise.) Mom donates though. She works in the medical field; she’s a laboratory technologist.
Several years ago I called the Red Cross about a new idea: taking blood from dead people. As long as the person has been dead less than six hours, their blood is perfectly okay to use. They did this in Russia for decades. I asked why the Red Cross didn’t do the same. The person said she didn’t know but she’d ask and get back to me. I figured she wouldn’t, but to my surprise, a month later I got an email from the Red Cross saying it was a fine idea but the FDA wouldn’t allow it on account of the fact that you can’t ask a cadaver if it has HIV or any other disqualifying disease. Oh, well.