I went on a real date with my wife for the first time in forever

I went on a real date with my wife for the first time in forever

Do you remember a week or so ago, I mentioned something about Lizze and I going to P.F. CHANG’S? It didn’t work out for us then but our raincheck came in yesterday afternoon. 

My parents gave Lizze and I gift cards to P.F. CHANG’S for our birthdays but we’ve had to sit on them for a little while. 

Lizze’s parents spent the afternoon with the boys yesterday. As a result, we were able to head out of town and go to lunch at the most amazing Chinese restaurant ever.  

Lizze and I had never been there before but we love Chinese food, so this was the perfect gift.  

Even more amazing than the food is the fact that this is the first real date Lizze and I have been on in years. Our recent separation aside, we just weren’t able to get away and do things like this very often. 

It was the most amazing time.  

We didn’t have kids and we were actually able to go to a nice restaurant, sit, eat and just talk. It was awesome. 

The food was amazing but neither one of us were fans of the soup. Mine had tofu in it and that sorta freaked me out, so I ate around it..  lol

After we left and before we got home, we stopped for ice cream as well. It was the perfect way to end the perfect afternoon. 

I’m so grateful for our collective parents because without them, today wouldn’t have been possible. Lizze and I had such a good time. This kind of thing doesn’t happen nearly often enough.  

I love my wife so much and being able to spend time together like we did today was the absolute best.   ☺ 

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