Please Sponsor Team Lost and Tired as we walk 5k for the Autism Society of Greater Akron

This is a bit last minute but so much of our lives are lived that way anyway. 🙂

Click me to donate now

We have formed Team Lost and Tired and are collecting donations and even new teammates as we take this journey to assist and support a fantastic organisation. This coming Saturday, June 15th, the Lost and Tired family, along with friends and family, will be walking 5k to raise money for the Autism Society of Greater Akron. This is not a walk for Autism Speaks. All the money raised stays within the local community to help those with Autism and their families.

I know that times are tough but if you are in a position to help raise money by donating even $1, that would be amazing. We’re a bit behind the 8 ball on this as we are starting late but I know we can pull this off together. If you can’t donate, please don’t feel bad. You can still help by sharing this post on facebook, twitter and anywhere else you can.

Myself, Lizze and the boys will be walking. I’m not sure how Lizze will do but she’s gonna try and I’m so proud of her.

Please visit the link below to view our Official Team Lost and Tired Lace it. Race it. Face it donation pageYou can make online donations and offline donations as well. Please consider helping me and my team as we help to raise Autism Awareness and money for the Autism Society of Greater Akron..

If you are local to the Northeast Ohio area and want to join our team, please send me an email: Contact Me

Information about the race can be found here:

Visit the Official Team Lost and Tired Donation Page:  Click Here 


Here is the actual url to our team page:

Click Here to Donate

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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