Ask your questions about being investigated by Child Protective Services -

Ask your questions about being investigated by Child Protective Services

I wanted to open up the floor, create a dialog and encourage you all to ask any questions you may have about our being investigated by Child Protective Services. 

We did nothing wrong and therefore have nothing to hide.

The reality is that we are from the only ones this has happened to and if anything that we’ve experienced can help you on your journey, I want to help. 

Please feel free to ask your questions, as they relate to being investigated by Child Protective Services.


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im not sure if i missed a post or not but how long until you know the outcome of this investigation?


autismdoggirl we won’t know for sure until the receive the records.  They’ve told us that as long as the records confirm our story, they’ll close the case.


lostandtired autismdoggirl  well thats good that means they should drop the case i believe right?


autismdoggirl I accidentally deleted your last comment, I think.  It disappeared.  But yes, it should be closed.


Do you feel the worker was honest?  Did she lie?  Did she treat you fairly?


LegallyKidnapped honestly,  no way to know for sure. However, it seems that she’s being honest and has been nothing but nice.

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