Awoken by gunshots outside my house

Lizze and I had just fallen asleep when gunshots broke out.  I’m not sure where they were coming from but it sounded like it was on the south side of our house. 

We sleep right next to a window so it’s hard not to hear these things when they happen. 

I hope no one was hurt.

While this is a fairly common event where we live, it’s been a little while since the last time I heard gunshots this close to my house.

It’s scary and now I’ll probably have f&#ked up dreams tonight. 


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Rob Gorski

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@Nikki Colorado amabaie KyahJ thanks everyone.  Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon here in Canton, Ohio.  🙁


“While this is a fairly common event where we live”
Beirut?  Gaza?  North Korea?

Lost and Tired

You’re right. It sounds nothing like TV. The first time I heard them in real life, I didn’t know what they were.

Nikki Colorado

Damn. So scary. Don’t you find it sounds nothing like TV gun shots…,? Pls stay always safe!


I’m just glad that you, Lizze & the boys are safe. Gunshots close to our house would give me nightmares, too.
We live in the boonies pretty much, so we hear gunshots from hunters in the distance sometimes, but not right outside our house.
I’ll be thinking good thoughts & prayers for the safety of you and your wonderful family, Rob.