The Million Minute Meltdown -

The Million Minute Meltdown

Lizze was kind enough to let me sleep in this morning.  When I eventually came downstairs, it was utter chaos. 

Elliott and Gavin were quietly drawing and having fun. However, Emmett was not. 

Emmett has apparently been melting down since he woke up this morning. As soon as I got downstairs, I sent Lizze to bed so she could hide from the noise.

There is no comforting Emmett this morning.  It’s clear that this fever cycle is taking its toll on him because he’s absolutely miserable.  Truthfully, so is everyone else at this point. 


Gavin retreated into his room so that he could play cards with Sonic,  Tails and Knuckles (don’t get me started).

Elliott’s continuing to draw and color and I’m trying desperately to provide Emmett with some type of relief and help him to relax. 

I’ve only been up about an hour but it feels like this meltdown has lasted for a million minutes already, with no signs of ever letting up.

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I have a few friends with schizophrenia, and one of the biggest things you can do to help is to believe them. Even if you can’t see their hallucinations, they’re as real as any other solid person to them. Play along, so to speak. Just like a child’s fear of monsters under the bed, if you dismiss it saying ‘There’s no monsters there just go to sleep’, that won’t get rid of the fear. But if you accept the fear, you look under the bed for them, and you reassure them-then the fear will diminish. In Gavin’s case he doesn’t seem to be afraid of his hallucinations, which is a good thing. But just in case. 
I hope Emmett feels better soon, and that you can eventually find out what  causes the flare ups.


Rob at least in Gavin’s mind he has those ones and not Eggman.


AMDuser that my friend is an excellent point.  At least he’s not hanging out with Bowser, Eggman or Gannon. That’s a really good point and you made me laugh.  I love the way you think.  🙂

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