Awesome job Gavin -

Awesome job Gavin

Gavin got home before his brothers this evening because he rode with my sister.  He was probably home for a good 2 hours before Elliott and Emmett got back. 

In that time, he and I got some cleaning done. 

Gavin was a big help and he did an absolutely awesome job. He was also really tired from playing all day with his cousins that he even went to bed early.  He was totally pooped and was out before his head hit his pillow. 

I also wanted to sneak in this picture of his latest Lego creation.  It’s some kind of robot but nothing in particular. He was just being creative.  🙂


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rmagliozzi @Jessica Kitney thanks everyone.  I’ll pass along your kind words to Gavin.  🙂


that robot is awesome! He is really talented!

Jessica Kitney

Awesome job Gavin. Love the robot. Looks great. 🙂

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