This is how tonight went..

I’m happy to say that the boys left for their Mom’s, happy and smiling.  That really makes me feel good. 

I’ve had an uneventful evening. 

Dinner was pretty awesome but I spent most of the night working to get things ready for the launch of Guardian Locate. 


I’m pretty tired of Photoshop and drafting spec sheets but I managed to get everything done and now I’m going to settle into a little Destiny on the Playstation. 

Depending on the weather, I have some ideas for myself in the morning… 

I’m hoping the boys continue to have a great visit but I do look forward to having them return home.  ☺

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Kim Gebhardt

When is Guardian Locate launching and what will the cost be? I went to the website and couldn’t find any information.

Rob Gorski

Soon and we’re finalizing prices now..