It’s 4am and sleep is still elusive

It’s 4am and sleep is still elusive

OMG……  It’s so incredibly and cruely ironic that all I look forward to doing during the day is going to sleep and yet when the time comes, I can’t.

Lizze and I are both too stressed out to sleep and of course, Lizze also has all the menopausal things hindering her as well.

In four hours one of us has to be on our way to get Gavin to Akron Children’s Hospital for his IVIG Infusion. I don’t think that there’s any wiggle room on this, although there may be some.  If we absolutely must, we could probably get him in early next week and that would still be within our window.

It’s going to come down to simply one thing.  Can either one of us safely get behind the wheel of a car and take on rush hour traffic, on the interstate and make the 30 minute drive?

I just don’t know. 


Unfortunately, there’s no other way to get him there, at least not on short notice. 

We’ll have to call the infusion lab in a few hours and find out if we are able to reschedule August’s infusion, a day or so out.  Gavin will be fine and it’s  probably the safest thing. 

Of course, then there’s the guilt from feeling like we’ve failed him. 

Another one of those no win situations…….

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