IVIG Infusion for September 2013

IVIG Infusion for September 2013

Gavin and I have made it to Akron Children’s Hospital this morning. We didn’t have much problem getting here as traffic was pretty cooperative.  🙂

Gavin’s moving really slow today and admittedly, I’m not in a good place today, so I’m finding this really frustrating.

He’s not using his words very well today and is instead making noises or giving me looks to try and get me to do something.  When he does speak,  it’s subtle manipulation.  For example: after his IVIG Infusion began, he wanted a pillow to put his arm on but instead of simply asking for a pillow, he simply complained about his arm hurting so the nurse would rush in and attend to his needs.

Umm…… That’s not how we do things Mr. Gavin.  We use our words and if we need something, we ask for it. 

The nurses and staff are here to take care of his needs in regards to the IVIG Infusion. They are not here to be his servant.

I don’t think I’m gonna make it today….. Right now I want to just scream and best my head into the wall. 



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Is it possible that, since Gavin’s mind isn’t working as well as it used to, he couldn’t really make the connection between pain and pillow and all he could think of was that his arm hurt? Just throwing something out there.

Kim Bailey

Poor babe.. just like us I think the kids get sick of everything they have to go through, and have “I’m over it all days”


Dearest_Nikky I know.. Doesn’t he.  He’s making me a bit nervous but every time I ask him if he’s okay, he says he is.  :-


I know it doesn’t help… but he looks really out of it today. :/

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