We had another meltdown this morning :-( -

We had another meltdown this morning :-(

Emmett had a rough morning.  Everything was just fine until it was time to leave and he had to put his coat on.  This time, he was happy to wear his winter coat…at least at first.

When he picked up his school bag and tried to put it over his shoulder, he realized that his winter coat wouldn’t allow for him to carry his bag the way he was accustomed to carrying it. That was what triggered the meltdown. 

The moment he realized this, he ripped his coat off and refused to have it out back on. 

He was really freaking out and it took quite some time to calm him down and help him adjust to carrying his bag in a different manner. 


When we got to school and they began to unload out of the car, Emmett lost it again. 

He couldn’t get his bag the way he wanted it and Elliott had already walked into the building.  Emmett was screaming in the parking lot for Elliott to wait for him.  I pointed out to Emmett that Gavin was right here and waiting to walk with him and that helped a little bit. 

I hate mornings like this.  Actually, most mornings are like this, so I suppose I just hate mornings in general now. 

Truthfully, as hard as it is on Lizze and I, it’s got to be even harder on a Emmett.  When we get really, really frustrated, we do our best to keep that in mind.

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Dee Brake

seasonal change sucks. clothing choices was hard for my ASD son when he was younger. boots in summer, not wanting a jacket when it was cold. once he refused the jacket so i took it in my hand and off we went to the bus stop. half way there he wanted me to put it on. and well, for the first few weeks in spring/summer i let him wear his boots and gradually changed over. it isnt that mornings are terrible. the rush to be ready and then “OMG that isnt what i wore last week” is the issue. just happens to take place in the morning, which makes for a sucky day all around.
good luck. hopefully he adjusts soon.

Lost and Tired

Not fun

Jenn McEniry Wallace

I know the morning meltdowns make the whole day. Thanks be to FMLA


i dont know how you do it with these meltdowns. i would be insane. you all are so good with all your kids and patient. i see lizzie helping her babies and know how much pain she is in and still knows “she has got to do what she has got to do” even though her head (and other stuff) is killing her. i am so proud of both of you for being great parents with all the health issues as well as depression and stuff you have going on. Keep going as your kids love you and know that you are their rock. it is tough, but every time i see pics of the kids i know they are taken care of emotionally and phisically.


Can you just let him NOT wear his coat?  I’ve had to do that on many ocassions.

Lost and Tired

Sorry to hear that. Hang in there.

Catrina Taylor

I have been going through one every single morning for months now >_

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