Why is this so difficult for people to believe?

The boys don’t have school today.  I believe it’s a service day but I called and spoke site Gavin’s teacher anyway.  The sooner we all get on the same page, the better. 

I told her what was going on and what we were being told by Gavin. 

I also explained exactly what we had told Gavin about reading and why.  She confirmed that Gavin said he wasn’t allowed to read anything but that she figured there was more to the story. 

Honestly, I’m not sure she really believed me and is taking this seriously. 

I realize that this is something that most people will find hard to accept.  Who wants to think that a child is capable of these things? I certainly know that I struggle with this, so I can see why others with no experience, find this hard to believe. 

The problem is that unless we are all on the same page, we are going to be played against each other. 

Eventually, everyone catches on but it’s like they have to catch him doing this themselves before it clicks.  I suppose it’s human nature to want to give a child the benefit of the doubt but in situations like this, the sooner we’re all in sync, the better we are equipped to keep everything in check.

I really not sure where we stand at this point but I tried.  Sometimes people have to learn the hard way before they recognize what’s going on. 

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the other day i wote “my 2 cents” which really sounded like i didnt understand or believe. But I do. You live it and you know what is going on, but I seem to have to point out as i did the other day that  maybe it being all his memory problems and stuff and i just want to give you an “outsiders” perception. Also, since you are juggling so many balls in the air i was hoping to give some hope that it may look like his old way but maybe it wasnt because he has been pretty good for a while (not manipulating and stuff). And i cant think of a word that doesnt sound rude but you know “he doesnt have it all together in his head sometimes” (please dont take that the wrong way). Can you expect him to act the “right” way all the time if as you already said that he can’t open the front door. he is not an NT kid but like i said in the other post kids lie and try to get out of work. adults do too. I am going to stop writing now. sorry you are having trouble.

Jessica Gauthier

Probably because you focus on Autism so heavily with your other two kids, people automatically assume you’re talking about such with Gavin too.


Would it make sense to include the teacher in a meeting with Dr. Pattie?


I see where you are coming from. As a person who enjoys teaching children I want to give them a benefit of the doubt. However at Gavin’s age it would be hard for me to believe him when I see the list of health issues he has. I know you have a very open line of communication with all of your kids teachers and so it should be easier for them to understand just what they are dealing with. I guess all you can do is just keep the lines open and continue to video his talks about the day and show those to the teachers so they are actually seeing what you see