Confessions: Things are NOT looking good 

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I’m sharing this because I know many of you are struggling, but you’re not alone. Our story won’t make your situation better, but at least know know someone out there can relate. 

We’re currently facing a pretty major set of problems. The root cause of most of them is the fact that my paycheck hasn’t arrived yet. This one simple event has triggered all kinds of issues. 

The biggest, and most worrisome is our lack of groceries. We have food, so please don’t worry too much. We just don’t have much left that the boys will eat. It’s a pretty terrible feeling to open up the refrigerator and find it almost completely empty. 

We haven’t actually been in a predicament like this, or rather to this extent, in a very long time. 

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It’s absolutely temporary, but I don’t know when my check will arrive, and that’s scary. I usually get it within a week or so of turning in my invoices, but not this time. 

As if that weren’t enough, our air conditioning is down. I realize that seems like a luxury, and in most cases you’d be right. If you remember, about five years ago, we were nominated to have something done that would drastically improve our lives. 

The organization that chose us, decided to donate central air, and a complete cleaning of our duct work. This was chosen because of the health issues some of the boys are dealing with. 

Unfortunately, it died today, and I have no idea what it’s going to take to fix it. 

The timing of this is a kick in the nuts, because the temperature has been pushing 90°F, and will be the same or worse through the week. 

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