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Elliott has found at least a temporary outlet for his feelings and anxieties.  He’s writing…..  This is really cool because he’s needed something like this for awhile and he’s so excited and focused right now. 

What really makes me proud is the fact that he’s writing about his love for My Little Pony and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Here’s is his very first ever post, pay attention to the bold text.

My little pony Equestria Girls is the best  movie in the world I have ever seen. I can’t stop watching it because it’s amazing so I decided to set up this blog I know it may be a girls  show but it doesn’t stop me from watching it. I love the song it is catchy so I am writing this story live I am a Gorski so I do it for living.

This Dad couldn’t be any prouder.  I’m so honored to be a part of his life. 

I had this old Netbook computer that wasn’t working.  I fixed it for him and now he’s learning to use Microsoft Word and he’s writing his thoughts and feelings down.  Not only that,  UT he wants everyone to be able to read them. 

Lizze and I both are so grateful that he’s found a way to express himself and I don’t care one bit that he writing about his love of My Little Pony. 

I have to honest, after the crappy day that I’ve had and feeling like a total failure, I look at this and realize that I must be doing something right.  🙂


Here’s the direct link to Elliott’s first ever post: Click Here

If you have a second, please check the post out and leave some positive feedback in the comments.  The first thing he’s gonna do in the morning is check out what people have said. 

Thanks everyone.  🙂

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Tell Elliott welcome to being a brony!  🙂  My boyfriend and several of my male friends are all bronies!  (although we stick with the actual ponies over equestria girls!)

Kris Rollins

That’s great! MLP is not just a girl thing. Male fans are called Bronies!

Emily Curran Carlsen

Awesome! What a sweet boy 🙂


That is awesome that he enjoys writing.  🙂  Maybe he can share a post or two when he is a bit older on the blog about how hard it ts to deal with being defined as special needs.


Elliot with him liking My little pony in the net world they are called a Brony
yes there is a sub group out there of guys out there that like My Little pony


I’m glad Elliott has found an outlet for his thoughts and feelings. He is a very good writer for his age. I look forward to reading his blog. I’m gonna check it out now.