Emmett’s going to be so disappointed by this

After dinner last night, Emmett and I made some oatmeal bread in the bread machine.  I’ve never made this type of bread before but Emmett was really excited, so we went for it. 
I’m not sure what exactly went wrong but something definitely went wrong. 

Maybe we measured something wrong or made some other mistake.  I looked over everything again and I don’t know what we did wrong. 

Emmett’s going to likely be pretty disappointed when he sees how it turned out. Fortunately though, it does taste really good, of you can get past the appearance.  Hopefully, Emmett will be able to look past what’s on the outside and embrace what’s on the inside. 🙂


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I always peek in the machine after it’s had a minute or 2 to mix.  There should be a ball of dough bouncing happily around.  If there is a soggy mess instead, you still have time to adjust.  At that point, you can add more flour, a spoonful at a time, until the ball of dough gets formed.