Today just keeps getting worse

Today just keeps getting worse

This is one of those days where everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  We just can’t seem to catch a break and it’s pretty demoralizing.

I haven’t shared this yet but we are battling fleas.  We’ve never had a problem before but about 4 weeks ago we got hit hard.  As I’m not sure who all is reading this, I will just say that there is a ground zero in our neighborhood.

The fleas seem to have spread from there and infected most of the neighborhood.

Lizze, Emmett and Elliott are getting bit as well as the dogs and cats. All of our animals are treated for fleas each month with Frontline.  However, it’s so bad in our neighborhood that it doesn’t help much.

We are vacuuming everyday and putting bed clothes in the dryer each day as well.

The dogs and cats are getting bathed every other day and brushed daily.  We’re actually turning the tide and winning the war but it’s exhausting and itchy. We can’t treat the animals again for another week but hopefully, that will be it.

We looked into fogging the house but the boys have asthma and so that’s a no go.

I spoke with out vet and he said that the fleas have been really aggressive this year.  You either don’t have any or you have it really bad.  There’s no in between this year.  They said that it’s taking about 2 or 3 months to completely get rid of them but hopefully, with the recent snow and freezing temps, they will stop bringing them into the house.

Anyway, I’ve been teaching Gavin to use the vacuum and he does okay with it.  However, last night he broke it beyond repair and now we are dead in the water until I can replace it.  Normally, it wouldn’t be a huge deal but with the fleas it sorta is.

Earlier this morning, we had a gust of wind that busted the latch on the front door.  It’s sorta like a screen door but it’s all glass.  Now the front door keeps swinging open in the wind and we have high wind warnings out for today.  Every time it swings open, it freaks the boys out.

Speaking of the boys, Elliott isn’t feeling well this afternoon.  He’s having some tummy issues and is running a fever.  He’s resting on the couch and watching his favorite movie.

Emmett’s been having meltdowns all morning. He has this high pitched, ear piercing shriek, that makes your head feel like it’s gonna explode.

Then of course there’s Lizze. She’s not doing well today either. That’s honestly another post all together.

It’s just really overwhelming to know all of these things are going on and there isn’t really anything I can do about them right now. I mean, my mouse even stopped working this morning after it was knocked on the floor by really bouncy kids.  We still need to get a new battery for the van cause we keep getting stranded and I need to get the rest of the leaves up.

If I were a turtle, I think I would just tuck myself inside my shell and hide from everything.

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When we switched it took less then a week for the problem to be resolved without haveing to treat the entire house. So it saved us from buying other things to kill them. The fleas needed the dog to live off of so once they did they died and no new ones came In. We just washed places the dog slept. Kept him off beds and furniture for a few days which was the hardest part. Nothing else needed. Prices were the same between the products.

Lost and Tired

reonyea we’re in the same boat.  It’s Really expensive but we really need to kill these fleas. 🙁


I’d like to second/third the people suggesting Advantage, it’s a step up from Frontline. We would normally use it for our dog, but we can’t afford it right now. He’s flea free anyway, for now.

Leslie Jones

If you have carpet used baby powder with baking soda and some salt and vaccum it very good

Lost and Tired

Clementine Kruczynski awesome advice. Thank you. We’ve always used Sentinel as its a combo heart worm and flea but we used front line this year for some reason. Thanks.

Clementine Kruczynski

Skip the frontline and switch to advantage 2….I think it’s about the same price and you get four in the package. The great thing about it is you can dose them up to once every two weeks until you get the flea thing under control. Had the same issue this summer. Frontline and Revolution did nothing. The fleas are becoming immune to those chemicals. Also if you have a shampooer use a combination 1 cup dawn dish soap, 1 cup white vinegar, 1 quart water to shampoo the carpets and even bath your pets in. It kills them pretty quick and can even be used on furniture as a spray. That’s what helped us this year get rid of them in less then a month and a half….good luck! Also you might be able to rig the door shut….and if you have an interstate battery near you you can get a battery for less then $50 normally.

Lost and Tired

I know…. It’s greatly appreciated 🙂

Lori Homayon-jones

But. Little as it may sound now just remember that thanks to your blog there are lots of us who care hugs to all


I just wanted to say we had used frontline for about 5 years with no problems… last year it was like our dog wasn’t even treated. So we talked to a couple different vets as well as ours. On said they have had cases where a dog who never had fleas and was always treated suddenly seemed to not react to the medication any more. They had other dogs and cats who switched to one of the other brands with success. We decided it couldn’t hurt and went to I believe advantage (its on vet record we just go pick it up lol) sure enough it worked again. 2  years on this and still no fleas even when neighbors dogs and such have them. Makes sense really meds often stop working for people so why not animals?


Get the Hartz dog drops from Walmart, they work fairly well.  Also bathe the animals in blue dawn dish detergent just don’t get it in their eyes.

Lost and Tired

BeckyRogersWiren thank you. It sucks but we’re working through it.


Sorry to hear this Rob. We’ve had flea infestations in the past and they are awful. They bite and getting rid of them is horrible. We did finally do it, and without fog. I know treating the pets with that flea medicine you put on the back of their necks did the trick but took time. God bless!

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