Did you know that kids with #Autism are still just kids?

I want to get this message out there because I think that it’s pretty easy to lose sight of this.

Yes,  kids with Autism face many challenges that other people don’t. There are behavioral issues that seem to be common with the population of kids in the Autism spectrum as well.


Always remember that while your child is Autistic, they are also just a kid.

What do I mean by they are also just a kid?

Simply put, not everything can be attributed to them having Autism. This means that sometimes there are behaviors that are simply typical of their age group.

It’s not always easy to identify the difference but just remember that a kid with Autism is still a kid.

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I’m currently trying to survive the puberty in my two oldest on the spectrum.

While they may sometimes be impacted by puberty differently than their typical peers,  they are still impacted in many of the same ways as their typical peers.

Sometimes our kids with Autism are just being kids. .

Just some food for thought….. ☺

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I actually touched on this subject in a reply I made on your post about autistic kids and homework but you never replied. I agree that kids are kids, autistic or not. I will also say that you have a habit of explaining away behaviors and blaming them on autism, when it might just be that your kids are being kids.


Yep but ppl forget an just see the autism