Elliott’s Words: Advice for dealing with #bullies

I will give you a hint to avoid bulling. First try to make them your friend, that might help you to not get bullied. Only do it if you won’t get hurt. If trying to make them your friend doesn’t work,  maybe helping them even if they are mean to you could help. I hope this helps you to deal with bullies. If it doesn’t help, I will be happy to send another post with more ideas.

Have you ever been bullied? Please leave me a comment.


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Great words Elliott, just watch out for the ones who are not unhappy they are just mean and are happy being mean! Luckily there are not a lot of those about, you will be able to tell if you are nice to them and they are mean anyway. Just avoid those ones and like http://www.livefyre.com/profile/5518389/ said it’s always ok to tell someone about those people.


Very well said. Elliott does great for the camera. I have to say i was proud of my 26 year old nt kid when i asked him about the nfl bullying thing and he said he didn’t like bullies, there is no call for it, and it needs to be stopped at every level. You should have seen the look of disgust on his face when he said it. He is very outgoing so more than one person is going to hear that from him. Thanks Elliott! You actually started a very meaningful convesation with my son that we may not have had without you and i loved how he told me how he really feels.


Well done Elliott, that’s really smart. Just remember that if you’re bullied, it’s ALWAYS okay to sell someone, especially your Dad, because we all know he’ll help you fix it 🙂 
And if he needs help, he can post it on here and we’ll all help him.
People who bully are usually unhappy, so I think your idea of being nice back is very clever.


Amazing to think it takes some people a lifetime Elliot! to learn what you already know. Wise beyond your years. Maybe if more people followed your rules there would be a lot more friends and maybe a lot less bullies.

Lost and Tired

KyahJ CateBrubaker He will be excited to read your thoughtful comments. Thank you for supporting him. 🙂


Elliott, you are such a smart boy. You have very good advice for people who are bullied that even some adults don’t know. 
Elliott, I was bullied all the way through elementary school and high school because people thought I acted weird. I was also a tomboy and liked doing more boy things instead of girl things. I guess other kids didn’t like that, but I couldn’t tell you why that is. I’m 33 years old now. We didn’t know that I had Aspergers when I was growing up which I believe made me appear like I was weird to my peers. Unlike you, I didn’t find out I have Aspergers until I was an adult. In fact, it was just last year at age 32 that I learned about it.
I don’t like bullies either and I wish we could stop people from bullying each other all over the world. Thank you for your wonderful advice about dealing with bullies.


I’m really sorry that you even have to know what a bully is, Elliott, but your words are spot on! Good for you for taking the high road (maybe your dad can explain that euphemism to you) and making sure that you try hard to be the best Elliott that you can be! xoxoxox from Cate in Abu Dhabi