Is this how other adults function?

Today was such a good day for me. I made so much progress in the living room. I was able to get everything patched up and prepped for Wednesday when we paint the ceiling.

I stayed on task and got everything done. The living room will be ready to start receiving fresh cost of paint this Wednesday. It’s amazing how small changes in the way I approach things can have such a positive impact. I have to use things like lists, reminders, post-it notes, broken down tasks, self-imposed deadlines, and the like in order to keep myself on track. I have mixed feelings about it but truthfully, it’s a small price to pay for adult functionality.

I’m so grateful to have figured this out because if today is an indication of what life can be like, I want that every single day. I was able to accomplish every goal I had set for myself today, and even started on some things that I’ve been putting off because it was too overwhelming for me.

I’ve already planned out my day for tomorrow and created a todo list for myself. I’m keeping to smaller tasks but everything I accomplish is more than I would have, and is forward progress. I’m adjusting my expectations for myself, and that seems to have really helped with the self-deprivation. I didn’t beat myself up at all today, and that feels fucking good.

This is so exciting to me and I’m going to continue learning as much as I can about the way my brain works, so I can set myself up for success.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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So good when you can paint over the destruction made by young or hyperactive kids (once you can sort of trust them!) and finally have a little time/money to decorate and sort out the house. Definitely good for the soul. Great job.