This morning has been a complete disaster

This morning has been a nightmare.  Emmett and Elliott were at each others throats and fighting all morning.  Take matters worse, Emmett’s winter coat broke as we were getting him ready to go out the door. 

The zipper broke and it can’t be fixed.

Thankfully, his coat also velcros and so we could still close it up and keep him warm.  I’m thinking we can just get the zipper replaced because the cost itself is almost brand new. 

Of course, Emmett isn’t happy because he’s wearing a broken coat and even though the velcro does just as good a job as the zipper, to him, it’s broken beyond repair and he didn’t want to wear it. 

That’s one more thing to add to my list of things that I need to address but can’t just yet. 


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Tara Safarian

Yes every morning!

Bloom & Grow LLC

Yes. Yes. and Yes!


your morning sounds like mine. i had an appt with a client for work (yeah I have work) and it was a beauty salon and i looked like a drowned rat. he signed the agreement (yes, sale for us) so my looks may not have anything to do with my selling ability. it was sad how awful i looked because of the wind and rain. the next thing i will spend money on is a haircut for me so my hair wont matter in the wind and rain. that day will come. was suposed to get paid on the 25th but my check didnt come in the mail. they said the first two will be paper checks mailed to my home. i need the money and was disapointed it wasnt there. I dont need any more gas etc yet so hopefully it will come in the mail today