Please keep Gavin in your thoughts

I’m worried about Gavin today.  He looks pretty rough. If you ask him, he’ll say he’s fine but who the hell knows what that means…..

If you could please keep him in your thoughts today, I would really appreciate it. He’s absolutely looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, so we are making sure that he rests today and has the best chance possible to make it.


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Lost and Tired

rjones22 that’s so right.  It’s impossible to really know what’s going on with him because he doesn’t recognize problems with his own body.  We’ve moved to red light, yellow light and green light.  Green means he’s good to go.  Yellow means something might be wrong and red means get me to the hospital.


prayers around the clock for you guys. I hope yall have a happy thanksgiving. i am glad he is looking forward to it. It is better than him not looking forward to it. i am not going thru what you are with Gavin but please know that I have that same exact feeling when my son says I am find or I dont feel well. after all these years i just don’t know what it means. a scale of one to 10 doesnt work because they just dont feel well. they dont feel like their arm is getting cut off which is a 10 but just sick. what the heck do with do with that when the drs dont know

Cindy Harrell

prayers and positive thoughts