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Lizze is back in bed and Emmett and I are on the couch watching Animal Mechanicals on Netflix. For the record, I hate this show, as do his brothers.  I pretend to like it because that way Emmett has someone to watch it with. 

He just had his Benadryl and with any luck, he’ll fall asleep and take a nap. 

Emmett and Elliott take Benadryl for their allergies.  We don’t sedate our kids with Benadryl but the side effect does sometimes work to our advantage. 

I need Emmett to take a nap in the worst way imaginable.

I’m so completely exhausted and I desperately need to go to sleep but until Emmett takes his nap, I need to stay awake.

Please send your caffinated thoughts in my directions…


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Vonnie Putney Geiberger

I hope you get some rest today. Nothing worse than being physically and mentally tired.

Kristine Lackner-All

The things us parents do and go through for our kiddos. You’re a great dad Rob, don’t ever forget that. Hope you two get some rest.

Pamela Smith Gaskin

You look so exhausted 🙁


Just had my morning coffee 🙂 sending you vibes!