OMG….. I just want to quit this vicious cycle

For the last two weeks, all three of the boys have been trading the same goddamn illness back and forth.  It began with Emmett puking and it eventually spread to Elliott.  Gavin was next in line and barely got over this before Elliott started all over again yesterday morning. 

Now Elliott’s finally feeling better and Lizze has started with this morning. 

I friggin ready to jump off this ride. 

The only person not getting sick is me and of course, now that I said that out loud…. 🙁

The boys have their Christmas program at school today and while Gavin won’t care much one way or the other, Emmett will be heartbroken if at least one of us isn’t there. 

Once again, I find myself in the same position that I can’t leave the house because I have to physically take care of the people at home.  In this case, I can’t leave because Lizze is sick and is not in a position to watch Elliott.  Those of you out there that feel like Lizze should just such it up, please know that when it comes to what she has going on in general, I’m usually pretty vague and I spare you the gory details.

What Lizze has going on in her life, isn’t really my story to tell and it’s not my place to share what she’s personally experiencing. 

The details aren’t always important.  All you need to know is that what’s happening is bad enough to dictate my response and their is literally, almost never any wiggle room.

Right now, Lizze is sleeping and has taken her tummy meds.  I have a couple of hours before I have to be there for the program.  My plan is that if Lizze is feeling better, I’m going to pick my Mom up and head to the school.  After the program I’ll bring the boys home and my Mom will take their car back. 

With what Lizze has going on this morning, it’s entirely possible that her meds will kick in and she’ll be fine to sit on the couch, watching movies with Elliott for the hour that I’ll be gone. 

Fingers are crossed and prayers are being said…..

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i dont think anyone should be saying lizzie should suck it up ever. I feel like she digs deep already just to manage. I couldnt imagine telling my son to suck it up and take the garbage to the garbage thing for instance. the reason is, that he could do it and then he will be bed ridden with pain (instead of bed ridden with managed pain) for three days. He wants to help me, feels bad he cant help me. I want him to concentrate on keeping his spirits up with the chronic conditions he has. the thing is in pictures he looks great and looks like he could do everything non sick people can do. I will say that my new boss gets it and genually feels for what we go thru. for no reason the other day (and this is my new job of two months) she let me know that if i needed at anytime to take off to take care of him she would pay me and we would work it out later. she said this because she really gets it for some reason that my son is sick, really sick and wanted to assure me she has my back. great news also she told me since i made two sales in the first three weeks of working there it has made her know she made the right decision to hire me.


I don’t think anyone intimates that Liz should suck it up when she’s legitimately sick.
It’s all the other times when she’s not acutely ill with a stomach virus like this. That’s when she should be digging deep to help out.


We had a year like that once. It was awful. When my kids get sick, I spray lysol on every touchable surface. I spray phones, computers, remotes, any toys that were played with. The rule at our house is, pick a spot to be sick in and here is your blanket. No one is allowed to sit in that spot or touch the blanket except the sickie! My kids like it because it makes them feel important knowing that they are getting special treatment. It really works because instead of hitting all 6 of us it only gets maybe 2 of us. I hope you all get better soon