How I know my son with #Autism isn't feeling well -

How I know my son with #Autism isn’t feeling well

One of the most difficult things for me as a parent to three kids with Autism and other special needs, is knowing when some of them are sick or not feeling well.

This is a particular challenge when it comes to Gavin because while he has good language skills, his express language is really poor.

Last night, Gavin was acting funny and ended up not eating his dinner.  If you have been following this blog for awhile, you know Gavin loves him some food.  😉

When Gavin doesn’t inhale everything he’s given and immediately ask for more, we know something is wrong.  This is really the only way we know because Gavin can be very dramatic and we never know where he’s coming from. Our best  bet is to read between the lines and look for signs that something is amis.


How do you know when your child with special needs isn’t feeling well? Do you have any tricks or things you look for?

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