My 5 year old with #Autism confesses his worst fear

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The other day I was talking to the boys about something. I don’t remember what it was but it led to a conversation about what we are all scared of. 

Elliott’s pouring his heart out and telling us all how afraid of shots, needles and blood work he is. 

Gavin talked about how he doesn’t like seeing blood and how much he hates needles as well.

I shared how terrified I am of the dentist and how I’m going to overcome that fear because I have a sensitive tooth and I probably need to get it checked out. 

This was a really meaningful conversation and everyone was sharing and learning from each other.

Then Emmett John shares his absolute worst fear….

You’re never gonna guess what he’s most afraid of.  This is where the serious conversation took a really funny turn.  Emmett announced, in his most serious face, that his words fear is Cheetahs.  That’s right… Cheetahs…

I was trying not to laugh because he was totally serious about this.

He went on to explain that he thinks “it would be bad to be outside and run into a Cheetah because they could catch you and chew on you. They’re really fast Dad.”

It was hilarious, although I didn’t laugh because he wasn’t trying to be funny. 

Now I know that Emmett’s afraid of a big cat that he almost assuredly will never run into while playing outside. Good to know I guess and excellent job explaining his fears to us. 

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Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone. 🙂

Val Cross

Lol,Well he’s right, they ARE really fast.


I am terrified of the dentist, especially since my body metabolizes lidocaine very quickly. They have to use ridiculous amounts of it and Novocaine to numb me which means more needles. I hate needles….

And this Saturday, getting all 4 wisdom teeth out. Needless to say I’m freaking out. At least I’ll be going under sedation for it. O.o;;;

Mary Barnett

Aww, that’s cute. Funny the things young children come up with. My 5 year old watched an episode of Spongebob where Plankton climbed in his brain and took over. Now she’s afraid that will happen to her.


I will say some of my fears are needles”because with me I can picture the needle breaking apart the Skin cells as it is going in”, Wasps and yellow jackets, I have one more fear and I can’t remeber it at this time lol