This is not how I wanted to begin the week

Today is not going well and I’ve only been awake for a short while.  Once again Elliott is refusing to go to school and pitching a pretty massive fit. 

You can tell he’s really upset on the inside but we can’t figure out why.

His behavior at home has been getting worse and worse over the last few months.  I wish I knew what was causing him such despair because I would do whatever I can to help him. 

I’m used to Gavin having these types of behavioral problems but Elliott  never used to struggle like this.  For that matter, Emmett’s had a long history of behavioral challenges as well. 

One of biggest fears is that we have spent so much time on Gavin and Emmett that Elliott fell through the cracks and has paid a very high price.

It’s heart breaking for me to witness Elliott carrying on in this manner and I can’t even begin to imagine what he’s going through. 

We’ve explored the possibility that something is going on at school that has him upset but it seems as though it’s the very act of going to school or leaving home that’s the problem. We did speak with the school this morning and asked them to keep an eye on him and make sure there isn’t something else going on.

You know, I generally don’t get along with Monday’s but this morning was exceptionally rough…..

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