The Incident: We had a truly horrible day at school today

Gavin had a really, really bad day at school today.  Apparently, he rushed through his Math work and out of 15 answers, he had only 4 correct.  When he was approached about this, he got very upset.

His teacher said that this was the worst outburst to date.  While this may have been the worst he’s seen at school, I just felt the phrase, welcome to my world, take over me. 

Gavin was in full on freak out mode. He was screaming, stomping and hurting himself.  He had to be removed from the classroom.. 🙁

It was part meltdown and part tantrum because he was upset that he had to do it again, but when he eventually made his way to the office, the staff calmed him down in only a few minutes. 

The secretary has worked with Gavin since 1st grade and she knows what to do. 

The moment he walked into the office, he began self-injuring.  She looked at him and told him that we aren’t having that today. He immediately stopped.  If he was truly out of control, he wouldn’t have even heard her. 

It’s important to note that this approach is what works for Gavin and isn’t cold or callous at all.  It’s sorta like calling gas bluff. 


During his fit, he disrupted both the first and second floor classrooms. All of this was because he didn’t want to have homework.

His teacher sent me an email and let me know what happened.  He explained that he will work with Gavin in the morning and help him complete the assignment. 

We’ve called a meeting with all his teachers because we have to go this figured out.  We need a plan of attack and we need to discuss the possibility of alternate educational options.

When I asked Gavin how his day went, he described this event as a little hiccup.

Sigh……. (shakes head in exhausted frustration)….

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Janet Meliti

So sorry for you and the boys.

Janet Meliti

School is very hard for them and this world that ‘s for sure I wish life didnt have to be so challenging for our kids/boys.

Dena Lightner Salera

hang in there!! my son had a bad year last year, many meltdowns at school. once we found out the trigger, things were much better at school.

Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone. Kim Bucher Bogdan, I’m sorry. I hope he’s okay. 🙁

Patty Rodrigues

I am so sorry…

Kim Bucher Bogdan

My guy had the worst day ever too!

Clydeine Adamchick

Oh no! Praying