Celebrating a massive #Autism Victory today

Celebrating a massive #Autism Victory today

If there was one thing that I had to pick as being among the most challenging Autism related issues I deal with on a daily basis, it would be feeding.

Feeding is a very sensory oriented task and when sensory processing disorder is present, it stands to reason that life is going to be extra challenging.

Sensory issues can spill into almost every single aspect of life. 

The most common sensory issues facing me as a parent is clothes and food.  The most challenging child in my family is Emmett John, hands down. 

Emmett is so sensory oriented and he faces challenges every minute of every day. Things like not being able to eat because he perceives something offensive about the food or being so uncomfortable in his clothes that he simply can’t wear any.

We’ve come to understand and expect that there will be times that Emmett just runs around the house in his underpants and nothing else. He typically wears clothes when he really needs to but it literally takes so much out of him that it will to the inevitable meltdown. 

Meltdowns are a fact of life for an Autism parent and I’m no exception to that. 

What I really struggle with is the feeding aspect of sensory processing disorder.  Basically, it comes down to Emmett being almost impossible to feed.  The list of foods that he will eat appears to be slowly eroding away and finding, preparing and cooking things that he will eat is nearing the rhelm of impossibility.

I know of that many of you out there can absolutely relate to what you just read.

On the same token, you will also understand the trill in what I’m about to share with you. 


As you can see in the pictures above, Emmett has found something he likes to eat and it’s actually healthy.  This is so, so huge.  I can’t easily explain  just how awesome this actually is. 

Not only is this a healthier snack but he’s actually eating it. 

Adding something like this back to the ever shrinking list of food that Emmett will tolerate is such a huge win for both Emmett and myself (because I’m the primary cook in the house).

Now, if only it wasn’t so expensive…but that’s a whole other post all together.  🙂



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Christy Garrett

Yummy. 😉

Becky Wiren

Yay! This is great…and chocolate is good for you. I know it’s a decent snack anyway and it is food he will eat. Win win!

Lost and Tired

Heck yes it is. Thanks Becky 🙂

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