There are few things tougher for a parent than watching their child suffer

There are few things tougher for a parent than watching their child suffer

For the most part, the boys had a really good day.  Emmett began struggling after group today for some reason. He had a really good time and made some new friends but when I asked him about how it went, he got really angry.

I didn’t get to watch the group and so I don’t know everything they did. 

While we were driving home, I asked him a few questions that were very basic questions like, did you have fun or what was your favorite thing you got to do?

I don’t know but I suspect he didn’t know how to answer or perhaps he was overwhelmed/overstimulated. It always makes me nervous/uncomfortable when he says things like; I don’t want to talk about it.

While I know nothing bad happened, I still wish he was able to talk about his experience.

I’ve been thinking about this tonight and it occurred to me that perhaps this is an expressive language limitation… Expressive language is something that doesn’t come easy or really much at all, to Emmett. It’s easy to forget this because his other language skills are so highly advanced. 

Anyway, it also appears that Emmett has entered into a fever flare.  He’s been really grumpy, his joints are hot to the touch and he’s running a low grade fever.  These are all classic signs of a PFAPA related fever flare. 

I’m hoping that he feels a little better tomorrow because when he’s this miserable, everyone in the house pays a price. 

It’s heartbreaking to see him go through all this and know that aside from snuggling him, there’s very little, if anything I can actually do to help. :'(

Tonight I’m going to say a simple prayer as ask that Emmett wake up rested, feeling better and with a more pleasant disposition…  ☺


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