Decisions – Decisions – Decisions 

We’re all up and moving.  Everyone’s been medicated and we’re all sorta doing our own thing for a little bit before we figure out where we’re going to be hunting for Pokémon today.  

The boys are doing pretty well this afternoon and I’m excited to take them out today.  This is all free fun and best of all, it’s exercise. 

Lizze and I are thinking about a couple different parks but I’m not sure where we’re going to be headed just yet.  

Gavin’s already slept off his morning meds and he’s actually playing Pokémon Go now as well. 

While I’m not dying to play this game, it’s a really cool and fun way get everyone outside, doing something together.  Where we live, we can’t just go walking the neighborhood because of serious safety concerns but taking a short drive somewhere will not be a huge deal. 

I want to make sure we get the boys out there today because this week is supposed to be extremely hot and that’s not going to be fun for anyone.  

Where’s the coolest place you or your little one has caught a Pokémon?