Gavin isn’t doing well this morning :(

I was up really late with the two youngest boys and woke up to Gavin doubled over in pain, feeling like he was going to vomit.  

It’s really frustrating to try and get information from Gavin about how he feels because that’s a skill known as expressive language and Gavin is sorely lacking in that department.  

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All we can do is try to piece together what’s going on based on what we see and how he’s acting.  

As far as this morning goes, I gave him his anti-nausea medication and Lizze got him something to help speed things alone.  Part of the issue is that Gavin may be um…..backed up. We addressed that and we’ll see if that helps.  
Back to the frustrating side of things.  

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I asked Gavin when the last time he went to the bathroom. If this is related to him being backed up or constipated, knowing this could really help.  

Unfortunately, Gavin is unable to answer such a question and instead just stares at me, with a deer in the headlights look.  He can’t say something like it’s been a few days or I went to the bathroom yesterday.  

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It’s hard to take care of someone when you can’t get any usable feedback or information from them.  

Anyway, Gavin’s laying down and hopefully will be feeling better in a little bit.  

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