A big change in the way we deal with medications 

It’s taken almost three months but I’m so excited that Gavin’s medications have become so much easier to deal with. Gavin’s on quite a few medications and has been for most of his life.  

Dispensing them has always been a huge pain in the ass because there are so many. It was pretty easy to make mistakes, especially if we were really tired. 

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We recently switched pharmacies and are now taking advantage of a free service that does what you see below.  

Gavin takes medications every morning and at bedtime.  Rather than manually sorting and dispensing seven different medications in the morning and eight at bedtime, all we have to do is tear off one of these little packets. 

The above is a picture of his morning meds, both front and back. 

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Everything is clearly labeled and dispensing meds is as simple as tearing open the little packet and pouring it into Gavin’s hand.  

This totally eliminates the need for bottles of pills and allows us to simplify this part of our day in a significant manner. It also removes the risk of any mistakes being made with his medication. 

All five of us receive our medications this way and it’s really made management of said medications, a much simpler and more secure procedure.  

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I would encourage you to check with your pharmacy and see if they provide a similar service.  

This has worked out amazingly well for us and I hope if you are able to, take advantage of setting like this, you can.  😀