How #Autism and sensory issues impact our every morning (video entry)

This morning really sucked. It was a sensory morning for Emmett and it was a nightmare for the rest of us who lived through the 90 minutes of screaming it took to get him both ready and off to school.

It was this bad and he really, really wanted to go to school. I can’t imagine what it would be like if he didn’t…

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I did a video entry on the way home from dropping the boys of at school. 

Sometimes it’s better to speak directly to my audience in order to more accurately convey my message… 


  1. Kim Gebhardt

    I have zero doubt that Emmett’s sensory issues are very real, but I have a couple of questions. JR has asked a few times whether or not you do daily ‘desensitizing’ or are things only done when he has a bad morning with his shoes and socks but if you have answered I haven’t seen it; so, I guess my question is whether or not that is happening daily? Also, from reading the blog, it seems like everything stops when Emmett issues flare up, so the rest of the family is held hostage by them. I know you have put him on the treadmill to try to get him to work through the issues with positive reinforcement, but wouldn’t that same idea work in other ways as well? Instead of making everyone stop trick or treating, let the other boys continue while Emmett goes home. Instead of Elliott being 35 minutes late to school, take him while Emmett is working through his issues. I know it means 2 trips to school for you, but maybe it would help if Emmett saw that things he wants to do aren’t going to stop because of these issues. I am assuming that there will come a time when Emmett HAS to wear socks and shoes, and isn’t the goal to get him to tolerate them for as long as he can?

  2. dotdash

    I’m presuming there must be something else at stake or you would let him go in flipflops to save yourself the agony – who wouldn’t? Is there a child protective services issue around kids in flipflops in the winter? It seems so unfair you are forced (and have to force him) into this psychic torture. Poor kiddo. If it ruins your day, imagine what it does to his small self.

    Merry Christmas to you all, by the way, and hope for a peaceful and loving 2017.

    1. I know it doesn’t seem like a huge deal but when it’s single digits out, with temps falling below zero with windchill, it’s too cold for flip flops.

      Honestly, flip flops only work some of the time anyway. They are one of about 10 or 11 options we keep on hand. The stress for Emmett is wearing anything most of the time. He can’t go barefoot, so we have to figure something out. It absolutely sucks and I wish this was easier on him.

      The weird thing is that once he’s okay, he’s okay and it’s like it never happened. As hard as it is on us, you’re right, it’s even harder on him..

      Merry Christmas to you as well. Thank you for everything… ☺

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