Elliott’s not feeling well

Poor woke up in the middle of the night work a really bad headache. He was in tears when he woke me up 1:30 am. 

We went to the kitchen for some Motrin and to let him rest on the love seat while I played with his hair until he fell asleep.

Lizze has chronic and I wonder if it’s maybe a genetic thing. 

The only reason that’s even on my mind is because he’s been getting these lately. 

Hopefully, he’ll feel better when he wakes up..


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Joy Hilder


Kim Gebhardt

When is the last time he had his eyes checked? My first thought for headaches in a boy Elliott’s age is eye strain which can be from needing glasses and/or too much screen time. Other thoughts are food issues (i.e., too much sugar or msg in processed foods) and puberty. Girls are more likely to get headaches during puberty but they can happen to boys too. Barometric pressure can also be a culprit.