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I finally conquered a paralyzing fear I’ve had for nearly 25 years

Yesterday was a bit more challenging than is usually the case. I was pretty much non-stop until the kids went to bed. I suppose it’s non-stop on most days until the kids go to bed but sometimes I can chillout for a little while in between whatever. The big moment… Read more »

Gavin got some great news today

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Gavin’s psych appointment went pretty well. The main focus was on his increasing levels of frustration and his intolerance when it comes to him making mistakes. Dr. Reynolds and I were both very impressed with Gavin’s ability to express himself today. It was a bit repetitive and difficult to follow… Read more »

I have a lot going on today and I’m feeling nervous

I’m feeling a bit on edge today because of this stuff.

My schedule is completely booked today, leaving no room for any complications

It’s going to be hella busy today. I’ll get the boys to school and have to leave shortly after for Gavin’s appointment with his psychiatrist. It’s just a regular medication check and I’m not expecting anything Earth shattering. Even better is the fact that it’s an in town appointment and… Read more »

I’m feeling sorta okay about today

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We managed to survive the day. The boys did well at school, Gavin’s IVIG Infusion went well and Lizze felt a little better as the day went on. I was able to go walking, despite not wanting to go at all. I pushed myself and I’m glad I did. On… Read more »

That didn’t take too long

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The temperature in the house had already dropped over 10°F and took us into the 50’s. it was pretty fucking cold. We were making the best of things and putting to use a really nice space heater that Honeywell sent out a few years back for me to review. We… Read more »

Nothing quite like getting kicked when you’re already down

Life is hard enough but when it decides to kick you when you’re already down, it just sucks.

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