How conflicting #sensory needs can lead to chaos

I’m overwhelmed by the kids today, not that it’s breaking news, but I’m pushing through my fitness goals for today anyway.  It’s days like this that tend to really sorta break me. The stress alone barrels over my self-control like …

Slowly erroding away my sanity

Today has been full of meltdowns thus far. Emmett is in a horrible mood this afternoon, and when he’s in a horrible mood, everyone around him knows it.  The weather is shitty and there isn’t much that can be done …

Here’s all the goals I met today

I’ve set some goals for myself in regards to fitness and I wanted to share how I did today. Maybe something I’m doing can help you, if not you can see what I’m doing to improve my life.

This is what I’ve begun doing today 

I’m off to a good start this week, in regards to my weight-loss journey. I had what I’ve dubbed my yogurt medley for breakfast. It’s my favorite thing to begin my day with.  Plain Greek Yogurt Dry roasted peanuts  Blueberries  …

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