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Dr. Casares on Kids, Sleep Hygiene & Melatonin (S6E18)

Dr. Whitney Casares answers your questions about kids sleep hygiene and melatonin

I got a break for the first time since September

It’s been a couple days and I wanted to share something before I crash for the night. This will be brief because I’m exhausted and I’ll try to follow up later. The other day, I called Lizze to find out if they’d been locked down for at least 14 days. They had been and so …

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The ups and downs of 2020

We’re going to have a quiet evening tonight as we ring in the new year. We have no plans for anything other than maybe watching some movies and spending time together. I ordered dinner for us and it should be dropped off shortly. It’s one of those days that I’m really struggling to keep my …

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Can you guess why it’s so hard for me to sleep?

I’ve been talking about how tough it’s been to sleep at night when Emmett is dealing with separation anxiety. The last few days he’s been doing really well in regards to sleeping in his own bed. Last night was a bit of a struggle. He ultimately made it into his own bed but he had …

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I totally got this

I want to recognize that I accomplished one of my goals for 2020. I set out to record 40 episodes for season 3 of my podcast and improve upon season 2. Today I dropped episode 40 and I’m done until next year. It feels so good to have accomplished this, especially considering l the obstacles. …

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I want to talk to you about my #depression

It has occurred to me that I haven’t talked about my depression much lately. I talk about to people who reach out offline quite a bit and I sometimes forget to do that here as well. One of the reasons this occurred to me is because I noticed today that I’m struggling a little more …

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Fingers crossed that I sleep tonight

You know what? It’s actually been a pretty good day. Obviously, it wasn’t perfect or stress free but I don’t think those days even exist. I feel like we made some progress around the house and for the most part, the kids got along with each other. I’m always grateful for that and it helps …

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It’s 2:40 am and I’m too stressed to sleep

It’s been a rough day in our house. My tank is pretty much on empty and the kids have been such a handful lately. I’m exhausted and coming up short in the patience department. Currently, it’s almost 3am and I still can’t fall asleep because it’s been such a stressful day. I can’t seem to …

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