Political Opinion: Which side of history will you be on?

I’ve become much more political over the last year or so but I really try to keep politics confined to my Twitter feed and not here. I’m breaking that rule today because I truly believe that we as a country, are at a crossroads.

I’ve been a registered Republican for my entire adult life and have always voted that way because most of my beliefs aligned.

When Donald Trump became the Republican Candidate, things changed. I couldn’t stomach even thinking about voting for him and that doesn’t mean I thought Hillary was the perfect candidate either. I remember Benghazi.

The truth is, there are flaws in every candidate because no one’s perfect.

Since being elected President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has been alienating us from the rest of the world. He’s consistently sided with hate groups, treated minorities in disgusting ways. Just look at the entire NFL debacle and Charlottesville tragedy. He won’t condemn the hate groups and puts them on the same level as the people protesting against them. He’s even made fun of a reporter with a disability.

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Just yesterday, he retweeted three anti-muslim videos from known right-wing hate groups. This is beyond dangerous and irresponsible. Are we looking to spark religious violence because the gasoline is already been poured and things like this risk igniting everything.

He’s quick to label violent acts as terror, so long as the perpetrators are not white. Just look at the Las Vagas tragedy. How is that not an act of terror?

There is mounting evidence that there were ties between people within the Trump campaign and Russia. How many of the administrative staff have to be caught lying about their ties to Russia before we realize something’s not right.

There are countless tweets that insult other countries, their leaders, including our closest allies and even our own war heroes. He taunts North Korea until we’re on the brink of Nuclear War and continues to call Kim Jong-un Little Rocket Man. Seriously? North Korea is just looking for an excuse to attack us.

How are we okay with this?

Just the other day, he insulted Native Americans during an award ceremony, honoring Native American War heroes.

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Almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a provable lie. He has labeled the free press Fake News because they hold him accountable and has even called them enemies of the state. It goes without saying that the media isn’t perfect and some are pretty bad (I’m looking at you Fox News and Breitbart) but labeling the entire free press Fake News is irresponsible and dangerous. We no longer recognize facts as facts.

Let’s not forget his long history of sexual assault, harassment, and mistreatment of women. He’s even caught on a hot mic describing in graphic detail what he does to women, admits it was him and apologizes for it but now is denying it was him or his voice.

Do we understand that the person sitting in the Oval Office is not right? This man and I use that term loosely because real men don’t say and do the things he does, has control over our nuclear arsenal? That should concern all of us. He’s already threatened North Korea with what amounts to nuclear war. Where does this end?

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