I have a friendly challenge for anyone who voted for @realDonaldTrump 

I don’t often get political on the blog, but what’s happening in our country is not good. As a special needs parent, I have grave concerns about where Healthcare is going, as should we all. We have the power to make change, but we have to educate ourselves, put opinions in the back burner and deal with the facts. 

This is totally off topic but I’m frustrated, angry, and frankly scared of where Donald Trump is taking our country. As a special needs parent, I’m terrified of what the future holds for families like mine, as a result of a Trump presidency. 

I’ve very vocal on Twitter and actively share my thoughts on the things that come out of his mouth. It’s shameful that the person representing our country lacks the capacity of even a small child’s ability to know right from wrong. 

My disdain for Donald Trump is based solely on facts, that are provable, this gs that he’s publicly said and done, but doesn’t extend to most of his supporters. Most people vote their conscience, and I respect that. The exception is of course the extremists. 

Having said that, I do think that every single American should have to follow him on Twitter and actually read the often shameful, and untruthful things he’s posting for the world to read. When I say my disdain is based on facts, it’s because facts are facts. They’re indisputable, and yet he’s convinced people to ignore them. 

As Americans, we have the right to vote for whomever we believe to be the right person for the job however, our responsibility doesn’t stop there. 

We need to know what our elected officials are doing and saying. 

If you read the hateful, untrue, and dangerous things that he actually puts in writing, I wonder how many supporters he’d have left. 

Please educate yourself. Trump uses Twitter as his main means of communication and you should be reading his words. If this is who you voted for, you need to see the things he’s saying and doing. These are his words. They are unfiltered, often offensive, and even dangerous. 

He’s a compulsive liar, and that’s fact. It’s provable and has been well documented. Nothing he says can be trusted. 

All politicians lie. I think we all know that, but this is unprecedented. 

Learn the facts about why he’s under investigation, and decide if this is someone you support. 

I don’t care what party you’re tied to, we’re all Americans and what’s happening now concerns all of us. I’m a registered Republican and have been since I became of age to vote. I’m ashamed of the republican party at this point, and can no longer support what they’re doing. 

As a country, we should demand better, from both sides of the aisle. When it comes to the man in the oval office, if after reading the things he’s saying, you still support him, more power to you. At least you know what you’re supporting and while I wholeheartedly disagree, I can respect that. 

Read Trump’s Twitter feed:  https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump

This is one of his most disgraceful. Read through it and see why. 

For the record, you don’t have to agree with any of this to have my respect. ☺ 


  1. You’re right, you totally wouldnt be alarmed if people were being killed outside your house. Oh wait, the tweet you highlight is correct and your posts on your past neighbors prove it. The only thing different here is that politicians usually try calm people down so that mass hysteria doesnt ensue. This tweet, while a low blow with a clear attempt to use disasters for political gain, is nothing new in any except that its twitter not the news. People used tv to blame bush for Katrina, Obama for a laundry list of things, and now Trump for a laundry list of things. The only new thing here is that we aren’t used to seeing it in this media but it allows Trump to bypass the middlemen of the media and directly reach out to voters, something Obama did on twitter all the time.

    1. Actually, the problem with this particular tweet was that he misquoted the mayor, and turned it into something it wasn’t. Instead of correcting the mistake, he doubled down in a followup tweet where he called the mayor pathetic.

      Mind you, this is all happening in the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack.

      The mayor had made a statement letting his people know that in light of the attack, he would be increasing the police presence over the next few days. He said that its just a procaution, and nothing to be concerned about. He wanted to make sure everyone understood that the police were there only for their protection, and not because of an imminent threat.

      He was providing comfort to his people, and Trump twisted his words, and it became an international incident with our number one ally.

      I’ve no problem with the use of social media. I have a problem with the how irresponsibly he’s using it. It’s not befitting of the office.

      1. Facebook Profile photo bwiren

        I’ve noticed that Trump supporters, the true base, are fine with anything Trump says and does. They don’t even care that reality shows he lies more than anyone. I guess they like lies that align with their beliefs. Why bother worrying about facts?

        It’s true that a high school education used to get you good-paying (union) factory jobs. There are still jobs that take people with special skills. Our country will still need plumbers, and in fact, plumbers make great money. Electricians will always be needed. These require training but not necessarily more than 2 year programs or adult career training.

        But it is much easier to appeal to people’s fears instead of doing the hard work of actually changing the infrastructure, and education etc. Because now Trump is saying he’s okay with cuts to Social Security! He also said that he would get us the best health care, and yet the AHCA/Trumpcare/Ryancare/GOPcare, is going to lose an additional 23 million people from health insurance. Trump isn’t keeping his word to take care of his supporters. In fact, his supporters will be the most heavily impacted by this new insurance bill.

      2. Its not a misquote; its removing it from context. Something both parties have been doing for decades. So either these officers were not a sign of imminent threat (which some of those attackers should have been on the radar of police) and were a sign of failure by their anti-terrorism forces or this was a sign of an imminent threat. Forgive me if I like to believe police and government agencies were actually responding to the imminent threat that was being posed.

        1. This is a misquote, and it created a lot of drama and tension between us and our alley. He didn’t bother to read the whole thing. He pulled that snippet, and injected into a quote of his own, completely misrepresenting what was actually said, and using it to push his own agenda.

          Forgive me as well, but there wasn’t necessarily a failure in their anti-terrorism task force. They have to get it right 100% of the time. The terrorists only have to get it right, or even partially right, once.

          There’s no way to completely eliminate all risk, so long as extremists exist.

  2. This woman is about to be in a position of power over me. Thankfully, there will be several layers between us. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/16/us/politics/trump-family-wedding-planner-to-head-new-yorks-federal-housing-office.html If I were allowed to on social media, there is a lot more I would say about the situation. Currently pursuing a TESOL certification in case Trump turns this country into a place where I’m not safe. The federal government already came pretty close to ruining my career once by using my Autism as an excuse.

  3. dotdash

    I have heard Trump supporters say he shoots from the hip (or speaks candidly or other phrases like that). I understand that feeling, but it points to a big problem. Politicians have developed a mealy-mouthed (or PC or careful or other phrases like that) way of talking because IT DOESN’T CAUSE RIFTS BETWEEN PEOPLE. If your senator or president says “all Xs are bad” and you are an X, it makes you believe less in the government, makes you doubt elected representatives work for you, and you disengage from the joint goals we all share. Trump’s “call them as they see them” style divides the country. I prefer the careful talk that allows us to focus on our shared goals and maintains the idea of a united people.

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