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(S2E4) Dr. John Kruse on what Donald Trump can teach us about adult ADHD

(S2E4) In this episode, I have a conversation with Dr. John Kruse, MD, PhD about all things ADHD, including his brand new book titled “Recognizing Adult ADHD: What Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.” Dr. Kruse has 25 years of psychiatric experience and specializes in treating adults with ADHD, that’s right, …

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Political Opinion: Which side of history will you be on?

I’ve become much more political over the last year or so but I really try to keep politics confined to my Twitter feed and not here. I’m breaking that rule today because I truly believe that we as a country, are at a crossroads. I’ve been a registered Republican for my entire adult life and …

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I have a friendly challenge for anyone who voted for @realDonaldTrump 

I don’t often get political on the blog, but what’s happening in our country is not good. As a special needs parent, I have grave concerns about where Healthcare is going, as should we all. We have the power to make change, but we have to educate ourselves, put opinions in the back burner and …

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