Preparing Your Family For Survival

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to get creative when the water was unavailable, or the power was out? I’m not talking about a busted light bulb in the bathroom, but when a hurricane has torn the power grid out in your town and you are now without electricity. Have you ever been on one of the islands when a cold snap has hit, and the pipes completely freeze solid? The water stops running when that happens, and you and your family are going to fit into one of two camps: the camp where you have repair supplies to hand along with a supply of water, or the camp who panics and goes without because you weren’t prepared.

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When you become a parent, you live for your kids and you build your life around helping them to survive. The thing is, most people only prepare for the basics. They make sure there’s a roof over their heads, food in their tummies and heat in the radiators. People don’t often think about preparing their family for survival unless they are planning a camping holiday in the woods. We prepare, though, to stop a bad situation becoming much worse. Having a supply of water in the garage, and repair kits for the pipes when the snow hits and the professionals cannot make it out to you is just good sense. Look at your children and ask yourself: how would you survive if the worst happens? How would you manage if you didn’t have access to healthcare? How would you cope without free survival gear? Would you even cope at all? Would you know how to light a fire? These questions are going to answer whether you are prepared enough for a disaster to happen.

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No one wants to face disaster. No one wants to be trying to cope without light or heat or water for days on end while waiting for help. The questions that I asked earlier are real for people who live in areas where climate change can tear their houses out of place. They’re really for people who live in areas where earthquakes are prevalent and can literally shift the ground out from under their feet in an instant. Understanding how to survive in these situations is hard; most people prefer to bury their heads in the sand about the possibilities of that ever happening to them. The thing is, the sand may be a warm and muted place to bury themselves, but it’s not going to keep them safe when a mudslide is outside the house ready to bury them for real. An ice storm or tornado can have the ability to immobilize an entire town and keep out the emergency services. This leads to food shortages, difficulties fixing the utilities and the chance you could be without water. There are things that you can do to prepare your whole family for survival and some of those are:

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