Do You Know What iPads Could Do For Your Family?

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Let’s get real; autism parenting is challenging. No matter where on the spectrum your child falls, you can be sure there will be days where you struggle to cope. Despite the undying love we all have for our children, it’s human nature for things to get on top of us sometimes.

Hence why many of us look for relief. Anything which stands to help our kids has the added benefit of making our lives easier. Plus, what parent doesn’t want to see their children thrive? But, it can often feel as though your options are limited. There’s only so much help out there, and the costs are a stretch. Hence why we struggle on without the support we need.

Which is why it’s fantastic when cheap alternatives come on the market. One such option currently capturing the autistic community is that of iPads. These relatively low-cost gadgets bring some significant benefits for children with severe autism. And, we’re going to take a closer look at what they are.

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The chance for a voice

In extreme cases, children with autism may struggle to communicate or speak at all. This can be distressing for everyone involved, not least the child in question. But, 25-30% of children with autism experience speech regression. Many fail to grasp language at all. And, that can be difficult for children who already struggle to communicate. But, iPad’s seem to have us covered here in a variety of ways. There are apps galore out there, including LAMP Words for Life, which help with learning to vocalize. During the learning process, you could even give your child a voice by installing a service as offered by companies like Text Better. Typically used by businesses, such services allow texting from a landline. With this in place, your child would be able to send a message from their email to your landline. That could open communication in a significant way. If that doesn’t appeal, there are apps for this, too, such as TouchChat. So, why not give those a go?

And, of course, your child can also enjoy the added communication off social media on their iPad. This is a low-pressure form of interaction. Your child will be able to communicate with all their friends at their own pace, and from their comfort zone. And, that could go a great deal towards building relationships while minimizing stress.

Development of cognitive skills

Back on the app wagon now, there are also many options out there which can help with cognitive skills. You don’t need us to tell that autism can cause problems with concentration, memory function, and many other such issues. But, apps like Autism Learning Games Camp Discovery incorporate some fantastic games which work on cognitive ability. It’s also possible to download apps such as Pop Math (Lite) which will encourage your child to develop skills in fields such as maths. Downloading these is a step well worth taking. They’re fun and could have huge benefits for your little one’s life.


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