5 Things to Avoid When You’re Stressed

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We all know that life can be stressful. From dealing with parenting issues to trying to stay on top of finances, life, these days, seems to always be one step ahead of us, and it’s not easy finding ways to keep up. The problem with stress is that it’s not enjoyable experience; obvious, yes, but true. And because it’s not enjoyable, we always want to find ways to get rid of it – but alas, we often look in the wrong places. Below, we take a look at five things that won’t help you – and which may indeed make your stress even worse.

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It’s easy to get into the habit of overthinking at the best of times, but this action becomes more pronounced when we’re under stress. Then, it becomes something we do almost compulsively; we try to think our way to a better, more relaxed state of mind. This, of course, rarely works – indeed, it only makes things worse. Left to its own devices, the mind just goes into a spiral – if you’re in a negative line of thinking already, it won’t take you to a good place. Get out of your head!


It’s easy to see why some people would turn to alcohol and drug use when they’re going through a rough patch. It removes you from the problem. Yet while the problem might be at a distance, it hasn’t disappeared – and all the while, by using substances you’re making yourself less able to handle the problem in a direct way. If you find yourself relying on substances to cope with an issue, contact the Canadian Health Recovery Centre to receive treatment. There are much better ways of handling the tough times in life.

Let the Good Habits Slides

Stressful moments can be all consuming, and sometimes, all we’ll want to do is shut the curtains and hideaway. If we have children, we may make sure that they’re OK, but neglect to take care of ourselves.

Make sure you’re eating well and staying physically active. This could be particularly important if you’re in the process of losing weight – you don’t want to pile it all back on again as this will only add to your negative feelings. There is medication you can take such as Saxenda that can help you to keep on track with healthy eating and exercise so that you can meet your weight loss goal. Other good habits that you don’t want to let slide include keeping on top of clutter, staying clean and getting enough sleep. 

Figuring It Out On Your Own

You might want to try to figure out the puzzles of your life on your own, but it’s reasonable to ask: why? You’re unlikely to have the answers you need, especially when you’re stressed and can’t think clearly. Instead, talk it out. There’ll be people in your life who have been in similar situations that you’re currently living through who can guide you to a better space.

Adding More Stress

When you’re stressed, focus on yourself, and on getting better. Do not take on more stress. Again, sounds obvious, but many people do it. They take on more responsibility or plan something that takes a lot of effort. Take things easy, and postpone the other big stuff until you’re in a better space.

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Rob, did you read these? 🙂 Some of these are talking straight to you judging by your posts