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#Autism 101: Understanding Meltdows

Do you know the difference between an Autism related Meltdown and a tantrum? If you said no, you’re probably not alone. Meltdowns are easily one of the most misunderstood facets of Autism and I’m going to help you better understand. When you’re done, please help me share it so I… Read more »

Even Daddies make mistakes and need to apologize

Today was one of those days where I feel like a parenting failure. There wasn’t one specific thing that contributed to me feeling like this but rather a culmination of things. The boys were being the boys. They were loud, hyper and testing my patience. Gavin was being Gavin and… Read more »

Are You Doing Enough To Care For Your Family’s Future?

This is a collaborative post and therefore does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this blog or its author. https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-beach-holiday-woman-39691/ Having a family is wonderful. You feel loved and supported, and it’s an incredible feeling to be able to care for your family and keep them happy. But… Read more »

Choosing A Babysitter: How To Make Smart Choices

Every once in a while, parents need a night off, which is perfectly fine. Of course, while your children are young, you can’t leave them alone, so you need to find a babysitter for them. If the first port of call – AKA your family and friends – aren’t available or you feel bad always asking them to watch your child, then you may want to search for a babysitter.

Important advice for new and experienced #Autism parents

Being an Autism parent is difficult, in every sense of the word. I have good days where I feel like we make forward progress and I’m filled with hope. I also have bad days where it can seem like moving forward is an impossible task and giving up is a… Read more »

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