Why we should put some focus on the parents this #Autism Awareness month

With Autism Awareness month just around the corner, there are a few things I would like to see happen this time around. 

Obviously, there needs to be a focus on people who are Autistic. That should go without saying and even in 2017, that’s sorely lacking. 

However, one of the things that I believe needs a larger focus, is …

The heartbreaking letter my son with #Autism wrote

Before we go into this post, I want to be clear that Elliott wants me to share this personal journal entry of his. He hopes other kids will learn something from him.

There’s so much to catch you up on, and I’m trying to get there, but it’s been one problem after another. This is something that I …

Why I’ve had a change of heart about #Autism Awareness month

As one ages through life, one tends to gain wisdom and insight that they were previously lacking. What I mean by wisdom is learning from one’s past and gaining insights into different ways of thinking.

I’m absolutely no exception to this, and I want to share something that I’ve recently had a change of heart about.

We …

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