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Why I sent my #specialneeds son to his room

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It’s been one of those days were Gavin being Gavin has really been challenging for me. It’s not his fault and I’m not angry with him at all but I am frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed. 

The issue for me is … Read More

The Autism Dad blog made #4 on the list of top 50 #Autism Blogs

I wanted to take a minute to thank Feedspot for an amazing honor. They’ve indexed thousands of Autism related blogs and pulled to top 50 for their list. I’ve been selected and placed in the #4 spot. This is pretty … Read More

Why #Autism Parents sleep when they can

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I slept for a couple of hours after dropping the boys off at school and feel so much better now. There were a million things I needed to get done this morning, but none of that was going to happen … Read More

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