Tips For Dads! 10 Ways To Keep Your Family Safe Even While You’re Away -

Tips For Dads! 10 Ways To Keep Your Family Safe Even While You’re Away

Beyond putting food on the table, every dad aims to provide protection for both his family and home. It’s their pride and joy to be able to assure safety and comfort for the whole brood. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to be physically present in cases of emergency. This is especially true for dads who need to be away for work. The great news is that there are many crafty ways to ensure home safety. And in these modern times, one can even be virtually in two places at once, thanks to home alarm systems that come with remote control and surveillance. Learn more about the ways you can ensure your family’s safety even while you are away.

Check the exterior of your home

Assume the role of a burglar, and survey your home from the outside. If by looking at your window, you could easily tell it could be pried open, then rest assured the burglars would be able to spot the same thing. Be on the lookout for expensive electronics, furniture or art pieces that could be spotted from the outside. Your goal is to ensure your home does not look too vulnerable nor too tempting to burglars. You may also contact the local police department, and request for a courtesy home assessment to identify weak spots.

Cover decorative glasses with privacy film

Decorative glass displays make for a beautiful adornment, but they can also become a security issue. You can fix this by lining them with privacy film so your interiors are not too visible from the outside. Keep in mind that burglars are always on the lookout for their next target. Don’t allow them to go window shopping at your home. This is especially important if you have young children at home, as you’d need to keep away not just burglars but other bad elements as well.

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Keep shrubbery in your yard trimmed

Get rid of any possible hiding spots in your yard. Burglars often need a few minutes of cover before breaking into a home. They are less likely to try a home break-in if there isn’t any hiding place. Your goal is to make it as hard as possible for any burglar to even try. You can also plant thorny shrubs by your windows for an added deterrent.

Install motion sensor lighting outside your home

It will also be easier for intruders to keep themselves concealed if it’s too dark outside your home.      So make sure you have ample lighting around your home. Adding lighting with motion detectors will put a spotlight on the intruder before they could even reach your door or your windows. This is especially ideal if your job keeps you at work late into the night.

Befriend your neighbors

Tight-knit communities tend to have lower crime rates because neighbors who know each other can easily spot strangers and unusual behaviors. They are also likely to have each other’s back. Your neighbors can provide extra eyes for your home, so make sure you take the time to befriend them. They may also have a different work schedule, so they can alert you on suspicious activities that may happen while you are away.

Keep your home number highly visible

Install large, reflective numbers on your mailbox and house to ensure the police will be able to easily identify your home in case of an emergency. Dark houses with addresses that are difficult to identify are a favorite among burglars. They are, after all, always on the lookout for an easy target. Also learn how to maintain a garage door opener, to ensure that doesn’t become a weak point.

Remind everyone at home to keep all doors and windows locked

Open doors and windows are practically an invitation for burglars to target your home. It’s important that you keep them shut and locked at all times. This remains true even when there are people at home. So always remind everyone at home to make it a habit to always check the doors and windows. That includes all the children at home. Teach everyone to lock the door behind them, even if they are only leaving it for a short trip to the yard. Also, train your children to not open the door to strangers. If they are unsure of who is on the other side of the door, they must not open it under any circumstances.

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Reinforce locks to your doors and windows

Exterior doors must have deadbolt locks for increased home security. Sliding doors should be reinforced with a wooden or metal rod in the track and vertical bolts. This is to prevent doors from being forced open or lifted off of their track. Don’t neglect the door to the garage. It’s a common target for burglars and often offers the easiest entry point to your home. Don’t just depend on your automatic garage door. Add extra bolts for this one as well.

Burglars may also break your window to gain entry. You can prevent this by adding a safety glass or installing metal bars that will make it impossible to squeeze through.

Don’t hide spare keys outside your home

Thieves often know where to look for hidden keys. So no, hiding spare keys under a fake rock or mats is not a good idea. You should leave them with trusted neighbors instead. Also, avoid labeling your keys and storing them alongside your IDs. One can never be too careful and could lose these stuff. The last thing you need is for your keys to fall in the wrong hands. You could end up losing even more valuables.

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Invest in a home security system

A research by Joseph Kuhns from UNC Charlotte and the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology revealed that 83 percent of burglars check for the presence of an alarm when casing a home. Sixty percent further claimed to pass over homes that have an alarm on-site.

Home security systems with alarm monitoring offer countless features that will make guarding your home a lot easier even while you are away. It’s what every doting dad needs — the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everyone is safe at home. Among the more valuable features are security cameras, outdoor motion detectors, outdoor alarm to alert neighbors, and sensors attached to exterior doors, windows, and the garage. Choose features that match your needs and go with those offered by reputable companies. Also, make sure your system allows for convenient remote monitoring. This way, you can stay on top of things even while you are at work.

Once you’ve had a security system installed, learn how to properly use it and pass on the learnings to your family. Make sure they know how to use it when there’s an emergency. You should also keep them well trained on how to avoid false alarms. Not only will this annoy your neighbors or lead to hefty fines, but it could also lead to a boy-who-cried-wolf effect. This will then render your alarm system useless.

Ensuring family safety is now easier with modern tools and increased awareness. Dads can now keep up with their fatherly duties even while they are away for work. Stay diligent with guarding your home and you should be able to prevent home crimes and keep burglars away. You deserve the peace of mind that goes with a secure home.

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